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Chatbots & Enterprise Artificial Intelligence





References to artificial intelligence are becoming more and more frequent in our professional circle. Among the chatbots that will gradually replace the HR manager in key decisions such as employee responses, there are existing robotic systems.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) empowering robots and replacing more than 80% of them can take place at every stage of the production chain of a vehicle in the Automotive industry. It is important to recognize that these new ways of working can have a positive impact on teams and therefore management.


Indeed, in terms of HR, archiving documents, managing sick leaves, developing employment contracts, managing peaks in activities are tasks that are now possible thanks to artificial intelligence.

But AI can go much further in recruiting processes. For example, it can improve predictive recruitment by traversing data from LinkedIn or any other social network.


Or internally, it identifies employees who are likely to seek positions at another company and therefore tracks the traces left in those networks. Of course, in this particular context, the question of ethics is as important as individual freedoms.


In turn, artificial intelligence also affects consumer relationship management. This should prompt us to reflect on the arrival of the digital twin, which will literally change the paradigm of creativity as we see it.


First we created the product, then we tested it and made the necessary changes. According to a pwc study, today, thanks to artificial intelligence and digital twin, it enables the gradual visualization of construction on a digital model. It also makes it possible to compare digital development with the end goal in real time and helps in decision making.


But if these robots offer a tremendous opportunity for management in terms of foresight and decision-making, two points remain crucial if we want human-machine coexistence to work and become profitable. This should go through a rigorous collection as well as a better collection.


Artificial Intelligence Today


The problem of artificial intelligence, used as a tool for advancement in the business world, is a central issue of competition, efficiency and service quality today. To be convinced of this, it is enough to look at the data on artificial intelligence.


Private and public players have increased their investments tenfold over the past five years to master this future technology and promise returns. For the HR function, it is now a problem to qualify as augmented HR, among other things.

The use of a chatbot, assigned to answer recurring and general questions, and during this time implies a certain progress.


Customers can benefit from more reliable proximity matching, among other things. It raises the question of how the company can use artificial intelligence to advance in the noble sense of the term. Humans must ensure the ethical use and legal safeguards of the tools inherent in artificial intelligence.


First of all, a task does not need to be automated systematically as it can be automated. It is the company’s responsibility to use AI for certain relevant tasks in accordance with its policy and culture. In addition, it is unthinkable that no human eye should look at the decisions made by artificial intelligence regarding a recruitment interview.


Finally, the amounts of data collected must protect the individual freedoms of customers and employees. As a result, success in the implementation and dissemination of AI tools depends on thinking and implementing a training policy for employees, initiated by working groups.



Leveraging Human Intelligence


Artificial intelligence is first and foremost a technology like any other. For example, today performs basic, routine and repetitive cognitive tasks.


And if AI can be a source of progress in terms of employee or customer experience, it all depends on how it’s implemented and the goals pursued.


Experiences developed in different fields show that it is more important than putting artificial intelligence at the service of people and their intelligence in order to better satisfy, inform and offer new services to the customer or make the job easier.


Therefore, it is essential that the implementation of artificial intelligence applications is based on the experience and perspectives of its users, who can enrich the services it will offer at least as much as the experts.


Finally, technologies should be designed to maximize their potential, not reduce human intervention.




Enterprise Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence combines computer technologies that make it possible to mimic intelligent behavior in terms of sensing, reasoning or generating knowledge.


It is now available in all sectors of healthcare, transportation, e-commerce, industries. It is known by some widely promoted applications such as medical imaging, GPS, profiling of Internet users.

In medicine, as elsewhere, its purpose is to make the invisible visible to anticipate, prevent, read out the symptoms of a possible malfunction, and adapt the intervention or treatment as quickly as possible.


Its predictive nature, made possible by the computing power of its algorithms, by better visualization of the undetectable, depends on the perspective.


Artificial intelligence is sometimes presented as the initiator of the disappearance of human labor in favor of robots, a hyper-rational world that sometimes becomes a binary adorned with a thousand virtues.


In this latest perception, AI infused with virtues has become the key to reducing costs and improving business performance, assisting primarily in strategic decision making, but also in all management actions.


Dr.Yaşam Ayavefe


Uzayda bir ilk daha: Mars’ta solunabilir oksijen üretildi



NASA’nın Perseverance gezgini, Kızıl Gezegen’deyken yetişkin bir insanı üç saat boyunca ayakta tutmaya yetecek kadar (4,3 ons) solunabilir oksijen üretti.

Türünün ilk örneği olan bir deneyde, NASA’nın Perseverance gezgini Mars’ta bir astronotun üç saat hayatta kalmasına yetecek kadar oksijen üretti.

Mars’a ilk kez Şubat 2021’de inen gezici, elementi, iki yıl boyunca periyodik aralıklarla karbondioksiti dönüştürerek oksijen üreten Mars Yerinde Oksijen Kaynak Kullanımı Deneyi (MOXIE) cihazını kullanarak üretti.

NASA’ya göre , mikrodalga boyutundaki cihaz Kızıl Gezegene vardığından beri 4,3 ons (122 gram) oksijen üretti.

Bu, küçük bir köpeğin 10 saatte soluduğu nefese eşdeğer ve bilim insanlarına, bu yaşanmaz gezegende bir gün insan yaşamının sürdürülebileceği umudunu veriyor.

Washington’daki NASA Genel Merkezi Uzay Teknolojisi Misyon Direktörlüğü (STMD) teknoloji gösterileri direktörü Trudy Kortes , “Yerel kaynakları gelecekteki keşif misyonları için faydalı ürünlere dönüştürebilecek MOXIE gibi çığır açan bir teknolojiyi desteklemekten gurur duyuyoruz. Bu teknolojiyi gerçek dünya koşullarında kanıtlayarak, astronotların Kızıl Gezegen’de ‘karadan geçindikleri’ bir geleceğe bir adım daha yaklaştık.” dedi.

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Database or information visualization has become very popular on the Internet. Many are available online. It is also presented in posters that impress with their colors and aesthetics. Several years of research are behind this trend and continue to push it forward.


Although visualization is very much related to graphic design, it is based on visual perception and human fundamentals. These basics leave graphic designers room for creativity. However, it places strong restrictions on them as they are not adequately taught in graphic arts education.


Information visualization research studies the use of graphical and interactive computation to facilitate the understanding of abstract data.

This understanding often indicates that an error of interpretation, which is sometimes important, can have serious consequences. Therefore, interpretation of visualizations should be reliable and, if possible, fast.


Visual Perception and Cognition

To understand visualization, you must look at how visual perception and cognition work. Visualization has traditionally been a field of research in computer science, statistics, and cartography. But these are questions studied by cognitive psychology.


Graphical representation of quantitative data has been done for hundreds of years. But in the early 1970s it was a cartographer who laid the foundations for the graphical structure of visualization.


The entire visualization consists of signs whose visual appearance is arranged in a plane. It is governed by visual variables. Marks can take three forms: points, lines, and areas.


Six visual variables are helpful: size, density, texture density, color, direction, and shape. However, if the chart gives rules for the use of the system, it does not explain why and how the system works in terms of perception.


Contribution of Psychologists


Complying with other references in computer science, statistics, and graphic design, it has automated the conversion of data into images. In 1985, an American psychologist highlighted the reason for effective visualization.


He discovered that certain visual features can be perceived by the human eye very quickly, unconsciously and effortlessly. This feature is called fore-attention.


Therefore, looking at dots drawn on a paper or screen, it is very easy to see one or two red dots when most of the dots are blue. If you look at 10, 100, or 10,000 blue dots, the presence of a red dot is obvious.


It is shown that color pays attention to certain questions in advance. The radius of curvature is also predetermined. A square dot can easily be detected between rounded dots, provided they are large enough.

It is notable that a graphic presentation carefully answers questions beforehand. Because very quickly and almost independently of the number it becomes possible to reason on a large amount.

Conversely, the mental acquisition time of these data becomes proportional to their number if not pre-attentive. This applies to a list of city or person names in no particular order.


To know if there is a difference in the list, you should immediately read all the names as if you saw a red dot. A good visualization uses careful graphics features.


But the problem is not solved yet. Preattention features have their limits. Sometimes you need to carelessly display data beforehand. While it is easy to distinguish between blue and red, it is not possible to pre-search for colors beyond the 7 colors.



So what should be done when it is necessary to distinguish more than 7 categories?


All fore-attention traits have their limits. They mix with each other. You cannot use more than one at the same time.


Also, when displaying points representing people or cities, it is customary to display the name next to the dot. However, reading the name does not involve pre-attention and does not aid in visual search.

Yaşam Ayavefe

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 Dr. Yaşam AYAVEFE is a philanthropist and business person who has achieved many successes and experiences from different sectors in her young age. After hearing about the environmentally friendly projects he plans to do with drones and the formation of Green Climate, we excitedly tried to reach him. Thanking him for not rejecting our interview offer, Dr. We would like to share with you the conversation we had with AYAVEFE on the environment and technology.


First of all, hello. Thank you for not turning down our interview offer and for agreeing to meet with us. Could you tell our readers about yourself?

You’re welcome, welcome. Actually, I’m not someone who likes to talk about himself a lot (Laughs) so we started with the hardest question. Since the beginning of the 2000s, I have been working enthusiastically and lovingly in investments such as tourism, technology and innovation and trying to produce. My sensitivity to science and the environment and my desire to always do better kept me motivated and fit. Today, we are working on how we can use our unmanned aerial vehicle technologies in agriculture and for the environment with Green Climate, one of our new formations. It can be said that I find myself lucky and talented as I am a computer engineer myself and then direct my academic degrees to economics and business and bring them to the market.

Do you think you are a successful business person? So to what do you owe this?

Success is a relative concept. Does the turnover show this? Maybe. Does your number of friends and enemies and how much attention you draw show this? Maybe. Do criticism and praise show this? Maybe. But in the end, success is not a destination, but a journey you are willing to continue. Therefore, besides finding myself successful, I think that I am a good manager with ethical and discipline-based values required to maintain success.


How do you provide and maintain your motivation?

By observing and empathizing with needs. With the effect of global warming, forest fires and images of innocent animals in many places such as the TRNC, Turkey and Australia deeply saddened every person. How could I be indifferent to this? I immediately said what can be done about it and set up my team to develop a new business plan. Previously, when there was a residence crisis and a wave of immigration, the real estate sector or mobility and tourism before and after the pandemic had caught my attention. I think about what is needed for humanity and a better quality of life and produce effective and efficient solutions. This provides endless motivation, because we still have a long way to go to a decent world.

What advice do you have for younger entrepreneurs in the industry?

Versatile and investigative. There are hundreds of examples of my colleagues who chose the academy, worked in a stable position in a company, were unemployed, had startups that failed, and had a much better turnover than me. What makes people special is being flexible, hardworking and fair, being principled, knowing many languages and being open to learning. Of course, in addition to this, social intelligence and communication are very important. If you can’t manage your image and communication with people well, how can you learn about needs, causes and consequences?


So, should new entrepreneurs in the field actually invest in themselves first?

Of course. Imagine a battlefield. How are soldiers lined up? According to their competencies and experience. Moreover, it also means a great responsibility. One of the worst things that can happen to a person is to sit in a seat that he can’t fill yet. Therefore, they should always be one step ahead and plan their minimal competencies like this. For example, that was my purpose in doing my PhD.

What do you like and dislike about Green Climate?

Integrating a pleasant, simple, inexpensive and effective technology into a humanitarian cause in a very simple way makes me feel comfortable and happy. However, before I can complete it, the summer season comes and Marmaris and so on. When I see the fires in places or the disappearing green areas, I can’t help but think that we should work even harder and move forward.

If you had a magic wand, what would you want to accomplish?

I would like to end wars and hunger in the world. The way to do this is to provide abundance. In other words, I would like to produce a fertility that covers all parts of the world equally and fairly.


Thank you very much for taking the time to answer our questions.

Thank you for this pleasant conversation. My respect and love to all readers.


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